Designed to Work


Originally designed in 1977 by a street department superintendent, Thermo-Lay patch trucks are built to perform permanent asphalt repair effectively. Available in three sizes.

large f-350 truck with flashing lights on the top

Designed for around-town work performed by non-CDL operators, our 2-cubic-yard truck offers 3.92-ton capacity on a chassis cab platform rated at least 17,500 GVWR.

Delivering an industry-preferred blend of cost and capacity, our 4.25-cubic-yard machine offers 8.3 ton hopper capacity on a single-axle chassis rated 19,500-33,000 GVWR.

large asphalt patching truck in the snow

Perfect for high-volume work far from the hot mix plant, our 6.25-cubic-yard machine offers 12.2 ton hopper capacity on a tandem-axle chassis rated 33,001-80,000 GVWR.

Our rear control panel grants fingertip access to all truck functions, plus graphical readout for temperature and other critical parameters. For maximum safety, an E-stop button allows instant, simultaneous shutdown of all system functions.

Cab controls allow access to core truck functions that don't require an operator at the rear of the truck.

4.25 Cubic Yard

4.25 Cubic Yard

4.25 Cubic Yard

What is the best way to patch asphalt?


The best way to patch asphalt is with asphalt. Thermo-Lay provides top of the line asphalt patching equipment that can prevent water penetration and future break-up. Thermo-Lay trucks are a single-team and single-unit operation, reducing labor costs with removal and containment of the damaged roads, automated temperature controls and three size options available.

icon of an auger

Auger and
Anti-Bridge Bar

icon of a thermometer

Heat Transfer Fluid

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Safe to Operate


  • The chassis is always between operators and traffic
  • DOT and 6+ safety lights are Thermo-Lay standard
  • Emergency E-Stops are located at every point where an operator interacts with a machine. They can be pushed anytime to safely bring all the equipment’s functions to an immediate stop.
  • Door limit switches won’t allow the anti-bridge bar or augers to turn if hopper doors are open


Smaller, Safer Crew


The Thermo-Lay system reduces the need for six people and at least four pieces of equipment down to one single piece of equipment and a two-person crew. Reducing the amount of equipment on site also allows for easier traffic flow, less congestion, and keeps crews out of the streets, making for an overall safer repair.

Leaving a pothole unpatched not only opens that pavement to further water penetration, but it can also be a liability for the agency in charge of that road. The Thermo-Lay truck-mounted pothole patching machine from Thermo-Lay Manufacturing LLC… aims to solve both of those problems.”


-Asphalt Pro Magazine

Built to Last


Reliability isn’t built overnight. Every new Thermo-Lay unit is the result of 45 years of continuous improvement and manufacturing dedicated to excellence. They are truly built to last.


  • Designed with Heat Transfer Fluid
  • Welded by qualified fabricators
  • Assembled by experienced technicians


Replacing an aged Thermo-Lay machine with a new Thermo-Lay unit is the ultimate testimonial on the market, and we don’t take that lightly.

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