Thermo-Lay Asphalt Repair Machines

Simpler, Safer & Tougher Asphalt Repair Machines

Permanent asphalt Repair


Thermo-Lay makes the industry’s safest, most effective, and easy-to-operate asphalt patching equipment. Each unit is designed and built by users with decades of experience in the asphalt patch truck manufacturing industry.

a solution for

asphalt showing what pavement fatigue looks like

Pavement Fatigue

asphalt showing what pavement that might need pothole patching looks like

Pothole Patching

asphalt showing what shoulder fatigue looks like

Shoulder Fatigue

asphalt showing what a manhole collar that might need repair looks like

Manhole Collar Surface Repair

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asphalt showing what pavement that might need utility cutback repair might look like

Utility Cutback Repair

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  • Pavement Fatigue

  • Pothole Patching

  • Shoulder Fatigue

  • Manhole Collar Surface Repair

  • Utility Cutback Repair

Made in the USA


Our asphalt patching equipment company is family-owned and operated in Meridian, Idaho, with 800+ units in operation.


ashalt road winding through washington and idaho

The City of Nampa has satisfactorily used Thermo-lay patch trucks for over 25 years in our asphalt maintenance and patch program.”


-Don Barr, Street Superintendent
City of Nampa, ID

Safety by Design


Maintaining our nation’s roads and highways is dangerous work. Thermo-Lay is the safest available hot asphalt patch truck on the market.



Our experts are here to help find the best Thermo-Lay solution.