Heat Transfer Oil System

A closed system, non-circulated, that provides even, constant heat for the asphalt mix.

No hot or cold spots. No wasted asphalt mix.


Automatic, Self Re-igniting Propane System

            Digital, thermostatically controlled, that holds the heat transfer oil within 2LF of the

          desired temperature. No manual ignition.


34 Gallon Propane tank

            Built into the main body, therefore resistant to damage in the unlikely event of a side

          impact collision. No clumsy bottles to lift on and off to fill.


2 Speed Auger Motor

            Automatic shifting motor that provides maximum torque, maximum speed and can

          deliver asphalt mix up to 2 cubic yards per minute.


Roller Compactor Lift

            Front mounted behind the truck cab, which provides superior weight distribution to

          the front axle and allows the rear chute to pivot 180L.


180 Pivot Delivery Chute

            Allows for total rear truck distribution of the asphalt mix.


Arrow Board

20 lights, 10 visible from the front and 10 visible from the rear, hydraulically raises

and lowers.  Provides excellent visibility when raised, and conserves fuel when lowered.


Hydraulic Trash Bins

Two 1 cubic yard spoils bins on either side of the truck, allow for a very low loading

height and effortless dumping of spoils.


Intelligent Temperature Control System

Automatically switches between a desired daytime operating temperature and a constant

nighttime holding temperature. The heat transfer oil is up to temperature

when your crew arrives, saving time and money.


Automatic Hopper Cleaning System

Coats the inside of the hopper from the ground level without climbing up on to the

machine to lubricate the hopper.


Short Truck Turning Radius

120" cab to axle for the single axle truck and 138" cab to trunnion, for superior turning .


100% Powder Coated Finish

Extreme long lasting and durable finish.